Trudy Erin Elmore

Stranded Assets (2016)
Video Animation, 4:57

Stranded Assets is an experimental animation that explores issues of mortality, technological evolution and a new way of seeing mediated almost entirely by screens. The animation situates the viewer above and below the platform of an offshore oil rig: the fragment of a once-promising extractive industry. Human skeletons interact with screens from the past and present, probing this “new way of seeing” in an effort to understand the way we’ve adapted to our machines (or, perhaps, the ways we’ve been unable to adapt). The human, yet non-human presence plays with the viewer’s sense of time and space, while gesturing to a common desire to find meaning through online or digital experiences.

I use the language and tools of digital production software, like Cinema4D and After Effects, to reveal shifting perceptions of time, space and self in digital space. By showcasing specific light passes in the rendering process, the pre-rendered forms of wire mesh polygons and varying flattened media presentations, I employ the language of the software to emulate the multiplicity and production of time in digital landscapes. Stranded Assets provokes speculation on the ways our sense perception is transformed by the solace and diversion we seek through technologically mediated social interaction.

Maya Ben David
Video and performance

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Forgotten Memory (2016)
Video animation