Featured Artist: Philip Intile

Toronto, ON
Philip Intile's workstation

Philip Intile is a Vancouver-based GIF artist who has created and posted a 3D-animated GIF on Tumblr every day for nearly four years. He is heavily influenced by simple motion, geometric shapes, and glitch-aesthetics. Along with his GIF art, Intile has also worked on numerous commissioned projects including live visuals for touring DJs, a music video, and promotional GIFs for companies.



What do you find are the most appealing things about the GIF as a format for art?

I like how accessible GIFs are as a format. Most social media sites allow you to post them, they’re short, typically have a small file size, and you don’t have to worry about audio. They also loop with no visible seam, which is a huge benefit.



In three words, how would you describe your style?

Infinitely. Looping. Experimentations.

When looking for inspiration, what are you favourite online destinations?

At the moment, my favourite places to look for inspiration are Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit. I follow a lot of artists on those first three platforms, and I also tend to check out a few art-related subreddits every once in a while (primarily r/Cinema4D, r/loadingicons, and r/low_poly).


Which artists, past or present, would be your dream collaborators and why?

I’d love to work on something for Porter Robinson as I really like the art direction of his live shows.

Though not much of a collaboration, I also think it would be cool to see what Beeple’s workflow is like when it comes to his “everydays .” He’s been going strong on them for over ten years without missing a day, which is super inspiring.



Finally, as an emerging artist yourself, what type of work haven’t you done that you look forward to doing in the future?

In terms of personal work, I’ve been meaning to try to make some interactive artwork eventually. I did a small test piece at the end of 2016 which can be found online here: https://pislices.itch.io/asteroid-belt — but it would be interesting to explore that format more.

In terms of client work, it’s not something I haven’t done, but I really enjoy working on concert visuals and would love to make more. I’ve been lucky enough to make them for a few different artists in the past, and it’s always super fulfilling to see my work in people’s pictures and videos from concerts.