Featured Artist

Each year we invite a digital artist to contribute a body of work that informs the visual identity of the award, and is showcased throughout our website, social media, and other promotional materials. Learn more about the 2022 Featured Artist below.

The artwork is designed to be dimensionless and will create a new composition each time the browser is reloaded. The full-browser version is available here.

cyberia, Space Fling (2022) 

Space Fling is a generative artwork built for browsers with the p5.js JavaScript library. Using a combination of Delaunay triangulation, circle packing, gift wrapping and gravity simulation algorithms the artist creates a field of particles that race around large gem-like forms like a shifting stream.  

Much of digital art has been coerced into small square formats by ad-driven social media standards which the artist has chosen to bypass with a browser based format. This harkens to the dimensionality and dynamic quality of Windows 95/98 screensavers and early net art. 

Space Fling continues the artist’s practice of working with code to break out of the strictures of production and distribution determined by big tech by encoding experiences that are beautiful but useless. 

cyberia is a generative artist exploring form through code. For the past two years he has committed to an iterative practice of daily code sketching in Processing and p5.js. In 2021, his digital artwork Sticker Pack was featured on 85 billboards in Tokyo, Japan through Neo Shibuya TV. In the past, he has collaborated on art projects at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Detroit and the Art Museum at the University of Toronto. He is based in Toronto and San Francisco.