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2019 WINNER Alyssa Bornn

Video, 7:30

MORE, LESS, ABOUT THE SAME is a compilation of notebook fragments approximating a confession or the act of confiding, written and sequenced on the Videonics Titlemaker 2000. Bornn uses a piece of equipment designed to subtitle video input as both a machine for writing as well as a way to animate text and ‘images’. Rather than a textual accompaniment to visual input, the artist’s texts are the visual input.


Congratulations to Alyssa Bornn, 2019 Winner of the EDAA! 🥳🥳🥳
Alyssa's winning work "MORE, LESS, ABOUT THE SAME" (2019) is on view alongside the four Finalists works @TSVToronto. Don't miss this incredible national survey of up-and-coming digital artists!

Announcing our 2019 Finalists! Find full details about the artists and their works at: https://edaa.eqbank.ca/finalists/2019-finalists/

The grand prize winner will be announced September 20; in the meantime, visit the Finalists Exhibition at @TSVToronto September 6-28!

Image: Katie Kotler, Orange VIta

The EDAA turns 5 this year, and we are so excited to announce our fifth round of Finalists next week! Stay tuned for updates, and be sure to check out the new 5 year anniversary post on the blog:

Vector Festival 2019 launches this Thursday, July 11, 7-10pm! Special shout out to 2019 EDAA winner Anna Eyler, whose work is included in the exhibition “Future Relics”! #speculativeecologies #VectorTO2019

Thanks to everyone who submitted to this year’s EDAA! We’re so excited to review all of the incredible work. Happy dance!

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