to the 2021 EDAA
Award Winners!

2021 Award Winners

Portrait of Aljumaine Gayle wearing a black baseball cap, black tee shirt, tan pants, silver-rimmed glasses, and a silver chain bracelet. They are standing outdoors in tall grasses with trees, blue sky, and clouds in the background.

Aljumaine Gayle

Portrait of Erin Konsmo wearing a teal and white polka-dot blouse, gold-rimmed eyeglasses, floral-design earrings, a gold floral brooch, and black leather suspenders. They are standing in front of a large brown and tan animal hide.

Erin Konsmo

Portrait of Katelyn Hawley wearing a grey sweater sitting in front of a laptop with artwork and posters hanging on the wall behind her.

Katelyn Hawley

A selfie of Olivia standing in her living room. She is using an Instagram filter that envelops her body in CG flames. She holds the phone camera high above her head, her face smiling softly into her phone. She is a young(ish) white woman and her dark brown hair is pulled back into a ponytail.

Olivia Dreisinger

Portrait of Shonee wearing a white tank top over a brown tye-dye shirt with a silver chain necklace. She is sitting in front of a pink and teal backdrop.


About the EDAA

The Emerging Digital Artists Award (EDAA) is Canada’s first digital art award designed to foster experimentation in the work of emerging artists and create opportunities for those working in digital media.

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