Alyssa Bornn

Video, 7:30

MORE, LESS, ABOUT THE SAME is a compilation of notebook fragments approximating a confession or the act of confiding—some things about pet death, mothers, houses, monotony, relationships, and/or photography—written and sequenced on the Videonics Titlemaker 2000.

Bornn uses a piece of equipment designed to subtitle video input as both a machine for writing as well as a way to animate text and ‘images’. Rather than a textual accompaniment to visual input, the artist’s texts are the visual input. In this, she plays with the process of animation and things that could be more easily accomplished in another way: for example, the sequence “Everything Takes So Long” mimics pressing and holding a finger down on a keyboard, but took 3.5 hours to write as every additional character requires a new slide.

Bornn’s work often investigates transference, looking at what is gained or lost as we navigate our relationships with media – in particular, the back and forth between analog and digital or outdated and new, and the struggle to preserve or archive. MORE, LESS, ABOUT THE SAME reflects the artist’s interest in the idea of interchangeability between words and images, exposing the futility in their ability to pin something down in a permanent or accurate way.

Alyssa Bornn MORE, LESS, ABOUT THE SAME (2019)

Alyssa Bornn is an interdisciplinary artist, experimental filmmaker, and organizer based in Winnipeg. She holds a BFA (Hons.) from the University of Manitoba and is a member of Open City Cinema, a co-programmer for the Winnipeg Underground Film Festival, and an active member in Light Terrors.

Colton Hash
Acoustic Turbulence (2019)
Interactive Data Art Application

Colton Hash Acoustic Turbulence (2019)

Ahreum Lee
Memory Palace (2019)
Video, 17:30

Ahreum Lee Memory Palace (2019)

Claire Scherzinger
The Last Ansible Transmission (2018)
Video, 20:00

Claire Scherzinger The Last Ansible Transmission (2018)

Jordyn Stewart
Landscape Technician (2019)
Video, 20:00

Jordyn Stewart Landscape Technician (2019)

Christina Battle

Originally from Edmonton, Christina Battle’s research and artistic works consider the parameters of disaster—looking to it as action, as more than mere event and instead as a framework operating within larger systems of power. Especially interested in how our engagement with media shapes our understanding and interpretation of information, her current research focuses on thinking more critically about the tools of contemporary technology as part of language and considering how the information disseminated via online platforms operates within a framework of disaster. Strategies for actively working through this research at times manifest through the organizing and curating of film/video screenings, exhibitions, and events, intended to facilitate conversation and bring people together to engage in shared experiences.

Scott Benesiinaabandan

Scott Benesiinaabandan is an Anishinabe intermedia artist that works primarily in photography, video, audio, and printmaking. Scott has completed international residencies at Parramatta Artist Studios in Australia, Context Gallery in Derry (Northern Ireland), and University Lethbridge/Royal Institute of Technology, as well as international collaborative projects in both the U.K. and Ireland. Benesiinaabandan is currently based in Montreal, where he recently completed a Canada Council New Media Production grant through OBx Labs/AbTeC and Concordia. In the past four years, Benesiinaabandan has been awarded multiple grants f rom the Canada Council for the Arts, Manitoba Arts Council and the Winnipeg Arts Council.

Meagan Byrne

Meagan Byrne is a Métis (MNO) digital media artist and game designer born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario. She is heavily influenced by traditional RPG video games and Woodland Style art as well as all the stories she heard growing up. Meagan uses her work to explore questions of cultural belonging, the indigenization of media, and the future of indigenous language and culture. She sees her work as a constant struggle to navigate the complexities of indigenous identity within a deeply colonized system. Her first major work Wanisinowin | Lost has been shown at imagineNATIVE Film Festival, Toronto; Different Games Conference, New York; and IndieCade, California. She is co-director of Dames Making Games, a nonprofit dedicated to helping marginalized game designers and developers, as well as Indigenous Routes, a collection of indigenous new-media artists. Meagan has received a B.A. of English Literature (2009) f rom McMaster University and a B.A. of Game Design (2017) f rom The Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning. Meagan is currently working as the Digital and Interactive Coordinator at imagineNATIVE.

Katie Kotler

Katie is a Toronto-based artist, musician and curator. Primarily working in animation and installation, her work integrates neon colours and geometric shapes.