When digital art and digital banking collide

We’re EQ Bank* – an all-digital financial institution with a love for technologies unfamiliar to the analogue world. In our quest to bring simplified, online banking to Canadians, we discovered that digital artists were pushing against the same boundaries we are.

When we came across the funding gap for artists working exclusively on-screen, we knew we wanted to help. Enter the EDAA. Launched in 2015, the aim of the program is to bring attention to a community of artists working within virtual space. We stand for emerging artists because, well, we know what it’s like to be up and coming too.

We’re for web masters and re-mastering, not masterpieces

We look for artists and partners who push us in new ways, challenge us to think differently about our daily work, and resist the assumption that screen time lacks space for critical engagement.

Digital innovation isn’t about enduring works of art, it’s about enduring change. We don’t look for masterpieces. Whether you’re playing with images, video, animation, GIFs, websites, games, apps, artificial and virtual realities, or holograms (that’s right, we’re hopeful), the EDAA is here to recognize it, support it, and help it grow.

Community and continuity

With the help of our partner organization Trinity Square Video, the EDAA has increased awareness around emerging media art and created career opportunities for participating artists. The digital realm is driven by networks, after all, and we wouldn’t be able to do what we do without the support of our collaborators and communities.

Screens aren’t going anywhere. We’re excited to see more of the worlds they contain, and to continue supporting the users and creators that are (re)writing the maps.

*EQ Bank is a trade name and a trademark of Equitable Bank used under license. All rights reserved.